Paramotor – Acquiring the Necessary Equipment & Basic Training

14Paramotor flying grants you an opportunity to set a day aside in order to take a paramotoring expedition or to paramotor during sunset in the company of friends. Paramotoring training plays an important role in ensuring a safe and successful experience. Training helps in equipping pilots with the fundamental basics of flying the paramotor, before adding the complex elements such as the power, thrust and torque. There are many brands of the paramotors available for sale. Therefore, the challenge rests with finding machines that fully caters for your needs.

The ultimate portable aircraft:

Paramotor offer the ultimate portable aircraft which operate on the air structure and flies using the gentle lifting of the air, on the mountains or hills windward slopes, but using a motor. The paramotors have been constructed using a high standard technology. Furthermore, they are light but extremely strong making them a perfect choice for both beginner and experienced pilots. In addition, they make the perfect option for training school because of their lightness and robustness.

The majority of Extreme PPG features a paramotor frame of 3-pieces of aluminum cage. As a result of the unique design they exhibit, the machines can be assembled and dismantled in a span of 1 minute. Once it has been dismantled the paramotor can fit easily into your vehicles back seat or boot. This ultimate portability allows you to carry along and go travelling with the machine. Furthermore, Velcro straps have been replaced by a ‘quick press’ stud-fasteners.

The Paramotor are a special attraction to many because they make paragliding easy. Furthermore, the flight can take place in calm as well as a light air and wind. All that is required of the aspiring pilot is to acquire all the necessary equipment and basic training to achieve the perfect flight. The pilot does not have to wait for a specific or ideal wind condition.Paramotor Equipment Photo 3

In comparison with regular aircrafts, Paramotor demands a lower maintenance costs. It involves several small types of equipment which are inexpensive and require low maintenance costs; the parts used are notably highly resistant. Nevertheless, taking good care of the paramotor and spending small amounts of money on regular maintenance can ensure a longer lifespan. Furthermore, compared with regular aircrafts, paramotors are not expensive.

In addition, electric paragliders powered paramotors fly require only four weeks of training which involve classroom lectures, theory & precautions, video clippings, short & long distance, practice sessions, landing in unknown destinations and duration tests. Paramotors are a safe form of flying aircrafts. In fact, it is much safer than riding cars or bikes. This makes it popular with up coming pilots who enjoy the adrenalin rush. Nonetheless, for added safety, pilots can consider carrying parachutes designed specially to open automatically in the event of possible fatal conditions.